Eleven and one third

3 February. Timbuktu here we come. We’ll, not quite, but a 14.1km run with Lucy, her longest yet (a third of a marathon) being a run to Stowmarket and then Chilton Fields parkrun. Lucy ran well and accelerated significantly in the last mile – plenty of scope for gradually more distance.

Weeks to go: 11

Longest single run (distance and time): 3 February – just over 14km – one third of a marathon. Another long one next weekend, then a slight taper into the Tarpley 10-mile (16km). Gradually building towards a peak of about 24km.

Volume: October to January have been the top four months for the most days running, and the most distance run (furthest ever in January) and most time running (longest ever in January).

Lowest average heart rate while running, monthly average: January 2024.

Most location variety (map squares visited in a month): January 2024.

10km best times: January 2024, beating November 2023.

Doing a great job: yes.

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  1. It feels like the time between now and the marathon is whizzing by. I knew there had to be a serious plan to do well at a task like this but the amount of sustained effort is starting to become apparent. Go Lucy!

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