International training camp

Another run of just over two hours, starting in England, crossing to Wales over the Severn Bridge, Beachley Viaduct and Wye Bridge, then Severn Bridge parkrun crossing the border twice more to just past the summit of Severn Bridge and back, then a final run back to England.

Lucy pretending to “sound horn”, as instructed. And watch out for the speed cameras.

Nicely paced, and with acceleration at the end, the fastest of this sort of distance yet also one of Lucy’s hilliest ever runs because of the repeated ascents of the bridge (and the approaches to the bridges at either end). What was once a daunting distance isn’t exactly easy but is now much more routine – progress!

It’s faster for walkers, faster for joggers,
For runners and sprinters, gossipers, talkers;

At Severn Bridge parkrun we all charge along,
Fleet of foot, flying fast, feeling so strong;

While admiring the views of the muddy Wye River,
The Severn Bridge camber causes wheezes and shivers;

There’s always a breeze to blow cobwebs away,
And we are far from our Welsh homeland at nearly halfway;

We turn on the walkway on foreign English soil,
Returning downhill now, hurray it’s less toil;

Whizzing and puffing, we see the Tail Walker,
Not far now, the home lap seems so much shorter;

Here is the RD, who stands proudly and gazes,
Congratulating all with encouraging phrases;

And here is the finish, the final ascent
To the funnel, the timekeepers and the end of the event.

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